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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  August 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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the latest case exposing a gap in the background check system. >> 66-year-old steven tremblay wearing an uber t-shirt. he didn't want to speak on camera. and while tremblay told us he hasn't driven a customer in months. he admits he didn't disclose that he's a registered sex offender when in june. at the time uber said the driver slipped through the cracks because the records weren't digitized. the private company that does background checks for uremblay of rape of a child with force in 1993. he told us he made a mistake.
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governor charlie baker now gives the state the power to do its own criminal background checks on drivers for rides like uber. they have banned the individual in question from accessing the app and is investigating the manner. i'm eric rasmussen. >> if you have a tip, you would like fox 25 investigates to look or call 1-877-fox 25 news. >> new details. it is now in effect and governor charlie baker signed it today. it forces drivers to pass a state-run background check and carry insurance coverage. they will also have to pay a 20% fee per ride to the state. they will finally be allowed to pick up customers at logan
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broke his silence about deciing to drop the deflate-gate appeal. brady spoke after he had a great practice as well. >> he answered a total of eight questions in the 4:45 that he spoke today. he did give some insight into some of the burning questions that we all have. is he >> what will he do without football during his four game suspension and why did he eventually give up the deflate-gate fight? >> well, it was just a personal decision. it is just personal, i will try to move on from. >> brady has been a great example this training camp leading as he always does.
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i've been that same way for a long time. i think it is a way to elevate everybody's game. you got to bring it mentally every day. you got to have an attitude about you. we have a lot of guys on the team that bring that. trying to push their buttons. they push back and i think that gets the best out of everyone. >> how will brady handle the four game suspension without football. will h >> i'll deal with that when it comes. >> i could have a change and change the plan, i really don't know. certainly when i'm in, i hope we win every game, too. >> plus, a moment from training camp that rob gronkowski won't forget. he tries to play the role of tom bradytoday. >> thank you.
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have been following all afternoon. new shark sites have closed three beaches on the case. this is happening on the bay side. they are all closed at last check. here is some pretty graphic video of a shark feeding on a whale carcass there. the two great whites were seen feeding on that carcass. originally they told us it may have been as many as six sharks. also breaking right sinking boat off the coast of provincetown. we're working right now to get you an update on their conditions. >> turning now to the weather. a great day to hit the beach or be on the water in dorchester, a lot of sunny skies, things will change overnight. meteorologist sarah wroblewski tracking storms move in.
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into your lunch hour through the afternoon, they could be strong to severe. high prishure which has brought us dry conditions, it is going to scoot away and allow for this cold front to march in. all you need is the cold front to allow for that trigger of those scattered if you have pla boston, it is 83. the humidity increasing overnight tonight. we're 50s in bedford and fitchberg, quite comfortable if you're headed out this evening to the florida georgia line concert. we could see a few showers as early as the morning hours. i'll show you when to expect the thunderstorms coming up in just a few minutes.
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that man was found on a path through the woods. the man was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. apparently he died from a medical incident. investigators do not suspect foul play. >> tragedy in danvers, police are trying to figure out what went wrong when he died in a pool. >> we're learning more about what happened. >> elizabeth and mark, it was the family who pulled the boy out of the and started to revive him. the emergency responders were able to get a pulse on the way to the but the boy did not survive. >> the neighborhood in danvers is heartbroken after hearing what happened. >> found the little boy
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two-year-old griffin lamar out of the water and giving him cpr. >> my understanding is that they did get a pulse back on the child prior to getting him to the hospital. he was flown to children's in boston, but the d.a. announced this morning that the child did not survive. neighbors say the boy's parents were precautions. really nice couple. they got signs out there. >> figuring out sxksly what happened. we are live in danvers. >> he claimed he tried to blow the whistle when the agency will
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time. in a plea deal a probation and a fine of 12, 500. >> new hampshire couple is under arrest after their baby boy died in their drug-infested home. in unconscious and not breathing. he was provide nounsed dead at the hospital. po found packages of meth for sale. they are now facing drug and child endangerment charges. a two-year-old was also removed from the camper. >> police are circulating the picture of a man who they say walked through an unlocked door. police also say the man seen here grabbed the woman's shirt and pushed her out of the way.
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two parties or whether the man was breaking into the home. contact westin police if you can help. >> traffic is finally starting to move again after a hole in a bridge caused some problems on interstate 494. all southbound lanes are open now. sky fox is over that bridge. you can see where the pothole opened up. only one lane was open for hours while the dot repaired it. now deadly. we have been monitoring the 4:00 p.m. one of the people involved was killed. this video shows the scene where a motorcycle crashed. no word on what caused crash, but multiple lanes had to be cl lanes will be back open momentarily. >> a man was arraigned on drunk driving charges late this afternoon after this crash with the boston police cruiser.
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cruiser. it sent both cars on to the sidewalk. both and the police officer suffered some minor injuries. >> a n svice for veterans. >> a nantucket nonprofit announced the launch for the service dogs for heroes. they will pay four dogs to be trained and then match them up with veterans. fox 25 talked to a veteran today who suffered from him get through his struggles. calm him down and relax. letting him know he's here and everything is going to be okay. it can take nearly $30,000 to cover the process of training a service dog. >> a new warning has been sent out to police. >> there's a new reason that officers are being told to keep a close eye on their patrol cars and their personal cars. >> high temperatures near 90
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i'm tracking the risk of showers and storms. when to expect severe weather ahead. >> trump trouble. fox 25 news at 6:00 comes right
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trump will endorse paul ryan tonight. just a few days ago, trump said that he would not endorse the house speaker. >> this move comes as trump's national momentum has slowed. >> while his supporters gave him a warm greeting and protesters allowed booing. there are questions about whether or not this is the beginning of the end for the trump campaign. >> the chickens have to roost for donald trump here. >> his criticism of republican leadership including paul ryan and john mccain and two days of insisting he saw video of an american ship of cash to iran. he doubled down in front of our cameras on thursday. >> a tape was made. nice plane. the airplane coming in and the
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>> now, he's saying he never in fact saw that video, no admission of a mistake, just a tweet. >> the plane i saw on television was the hostage plane in geneva, switzerland. >> he's acting in this really bizarre fashion that really distracts from his overall message that our economy is massachusetts co-chair state representative tells me the media has been writing off trump for months. >> this is certainly just a tough week. i think there will be a lot of ups and downs, and ultimately successful in november. >> he'll be in new hampshire, a state right now where he's trailing hillary clinton by seven points.
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donald trump. the club told members and alumni that trump lacks the character and temperament necessary to be commander-in-chief. >> the national association of black and hispanic journalists is hosting an annual event this weekend. >> working on issues that directly affect minorities as economic instability. >> president obama along with michelle and his girls will start a two-week vacation. they have vacationed every summer since 2009 running for r 2012. >> the fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> just this close. i was just there last weekend for the afternoon, of course.
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heading your way this upcoming week, it looks pretty good. warm, not much precipitation, we need the rain, except for tomorrow. we've got the risk of showers and storms in our forecast. today though, 89 in boston. a very hot day across the region. the coolely wind over the cooler ocean temperatures and lower 70s kept things cooler down there. really nice day on the vineyard. 77 degrees. it is going to stay dry and quiet this evening. really nice the clouds will increase overnight tonight and the risk of showers and storms come right back at us for the start of our weekend. there after, it looks as though we have a dry stretch weather. things start to get dicey. the latest numbers just coming in right now. worcester eight inches below average. boston over seven inches. no wonder we have a severe
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really not good conditions as we head into the fall. it is the summertime, everyone wants to get outside and barbecue and go to concerts. it is nice to have the dry conditions, but boy, do we need the rain. currently it is 83 right now. and the dew point is rising into the lower 60s. humidity moving o waking up to clouds around in the morning. the risk of some thunderstorms, that goes for all of new england. the storm prediction center has put this entire region in risk for severe weather. it is all because high pressure is going to be moving to the east and this cold front will be moving eastward into our area as
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in place. i really have to watch that cloud cover in the morning though. the more breaks of sunshine we see, the higher threat of the strong to severe storms. a few scattered showers in the morning. noticing by late morning into the afternoon, from boston through norwood down into northeastern kentucky, the line of showers and storms will continue to push southeast, down to the cape. it still could pop a shower during the evening hours. best chances of there after, we begin to dry out, less humid air moves on in and a nice finish to the weekend. that 7-day forecast always in view. humidity and the risk of the storms. sunday a bit cooler, but still dry. the weather looks to hold on through the middle part of the week. i updated that last part of the forecast. i'll show you that coming up at
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three counties. if approved those areas could qualify for any disaster related help. >> he was on vacation with friends when a horrific car crash left a local metal worker paralyzed. >> i was thinking about if i wanted to live, really, to be honest with you. it is tough. i didn't want to be rallying, and the remarkable progress. >> in massachusetts, where the big beast is tonight. >> why friends of its owner say
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>> there was a suspicious device. the bomb squad confirms it was just a hoax and they are clearing the scene. friends of a man who was raising an alligator in his massachusetts home said it wouldn't hurt a fly. >> the six foot gator had to be brought out of that home. 25 years ago it was there. it gained popularity with the name wally. they brought it home from a florida family trip and would
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had noticed but he had no idea that he was feeding an alligator. >> he was like, i have animals at home. i have pets. >> you see that. alligators like pizza, who knew. >> for now, wally is safe and sound in springfield. there's no word yet if the owner will face charges. >> beaches are back open tonight after a riptide warning. swimmers were forced to stay out today. officials say you should check the white boards to find out if swimming will be allowed. >> meteorologist sarah wroblewski recently showed us how to survive a riptide we have that up at our website >> a few beach goers could have used those tips. firefighters rescued three people, we're told they were
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which sometimes happen. >> the state is raising west nile virus risk to moderate tonight. they have not tested positive here, but they have in outlying cities. the department of public health says the conditions are right for the virus to spread. >> newberry street where everybody loves to shop and eat. they are people can wander the streets. it will be closed from berkeley to mass avenue from 10 to 6:00 in the evening. >> always a fun spot. >> another cape cod town has joined a number of places banning the use of the plastic bag. the single use bags will no longer be use. the plan was first proposed in
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have enacted similar bans. a popular deli is saying good-bye and thank you. rubens deli closed its business after 90 years. thanking them for their business and friendship. the last sandwich went out the door at 3:00 this afternoon. >> a local father paralyzed. his lifeed horrific the community is supp here for miles down the interstate. >> for years he was seen adds one of the good guys, now this former agent faces judges. >> first, the story you'll only see on fox 25. cops told to keep a close eye on anything they drive.
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>> a danvers family is mourning the loss of their two-year-old boy. >> he was flown to the children's hospital but sadly cannot be saved. they are trying to figure out
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boy was found. fox 25 investigates found out he's a registered sex offender. the ride sharing company tells us it has now banned steven tremblay. tremblay was accused of raping a child with force. they saidouldn't get the conviction because it was over 20 years old. >> brady took questions for less than five minutes. he told us why he fight. >> well, it was just a personal decision. i try to come out here and focus on what we need to do and help our team. i'll be excited to be back when i'm back. i'll be cheering our team hopefully we'll win every game. >> he knows he'll be rooting his team wherever he is. >> new at 6:00, another warning
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second time this has happedwell. the first time it happened and john, it has happened again. >> it appears so. >> national night out event. take a look. one of several events where police have reached out to the community to improve relations. while he was driving home yesterday. according to that warning and an e-mail from the patrol men association. he left the office in dorchester and his wheel came off. he reportedly believes the lugnut was loosened. back on july 15th.
6:32 pm
personal vehicle also lost a tire as he drove home from area a-1. the tow truck driver in that instance also thought the lug nuts were intentionally loosened. we reached out to a security expert about this warning sent to boston police officers. >> somebody who is intentionally trying t h what they don't realize it is not only going to hurt the officer, it could also crash into a family very serious and time to be ever watchful. >> we're working on another story where someone was seen taking pictures of the police
6:33 pm
on the fox 25 news at 10:00. fox 25 news. >> two health workers have been disciplined. a story fox 25 has been following closely for several weeks. state health officials have revoked the animal inspection duties ofoard members. nearly 1,000 animals were found living in squaller on this property, but a january inspection reported no issues with >> turning now to the weather. sunny skies. keeping an eye on some storms headed our way tomorrow. somewhere in the early morning hours. we're going to see some showers during the morning, but during the midday and afternoon, the threat of those storms that could be strong to severe. you want to keep an eye out at least right now. it is quiet if you have any evening plans for this friday. 83 in boston.
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widening out this shot. we have showers and storms out to the west. a cold front that will push eastward. ahead of it, increasing clouds, mugginess moving on in, too. >> in the boston area, we'll be dropping back into the 70s by 8:00. most of us back into the 70s by midnight with the clouds increasing. when you wake up tomorrow, we'll see a mix of clouds and sunshine, a few scattered noticing around lunchtime, that's when we'll have to watch for the threat of some of those thunderstorms. i'll time out the threats and show you when to expect drier weather in a few minutes. >> he was once seen as o so-cal. admitting he lied on the stand. >> this plea deal allows the
6:35 pm
>> former boston fine agent fitzpatrick with little to say moments after he was sentenced in the blockbuster whitey bulger trial. he was second in command and in his book and on the stand he claimed he tried to close out bulger the claim is not true. in a plea agreement, the ailing 76-year-old fitzpatprison, but o years probation and pay a steep fine. >> fitzpatrick's lawyer tells us the sentence is a relief. >> i think tomorrow there's going to be a great weight off
6:36 pm
obviously a very difficult day for bob and his family. >> i know bob fitzpatrick. his lawyer certainly doesn't feel that way. he said this plea agreement which allows fitzpatrick to avoid any prison time is justice served. fox 25 news. >> boston police are having trouble findin wear body cameras for a body m program. police commissioner william evans says th going to probably have to force up to 100 officers to wear the devices. he hopes to launch the six month program on september 1st. weighing in on a request for police officers in the city to carry long guns. he will not support the routine use of such weapons.
6:37 pm
reserve for crisis situations. walsh agrees that recent attacks represent reasons for police to be concerned and that his office is looking at whether patrol officers need additional equipment to feel safe on the street. >> a murder mystery that is 23 years old. the family of a murdered 10-year-old girl says they are desperate to find her killer and once again asking for help. now loved ones are hos pink cross marks the spot where holly's body was discovered 23 years ago. at the time she had been missing for three months. the 10-year-old had been visiting her grandmother's cottage in sternbridge. the brother returned but holly was never seen again. on the 23rd anniversary of her disappearance, her family is
6:38 pm
her. her brother was too young to recall details. but as an adult he had begun to have dreams of the man who took his sister. fox 25 was the first to release this sketch of thee described. the family has never given up hope that her killer will be found. in a just released statement they say along with holly's the massachusetts state detectives have never stopped investigating to try to bring justice to holly and her family. holly's case has always remained open and active. >> they believe their former irish nanny killed their daughter.
6:39 pm
it claims mccarthy killed her back in 2013. they dropped the charges and she returned to ireland. >> their son was outside waiting in the car. jessica cedarquist tries to steal items from a lowe's store when a loss prevention officer tried to stop her. police arrested the couple driving nearby with t nine-year-old son in the back seat. >> a fire leads to a drug bust. they found ag operation. they arrested a 26-year-old man who now faces drug charges. ripped open during an overnight crash in everett.
6:40 pm
container wide open. >> the video shows firefighters trying to free the woman. she did not suffer life-threatening injuries. her car was rear-ended by the u-haul truck and the truck was not hurt. >> doctors say four children inside suffered injuries similar bombings. >> it could take months to figure out what caused the blast. the governor said today that the house used propane. one of the injured children was a seven-year-old boy. >> it was dramatic. >> two dogs inside that home were killed. >> a beautiful moment for a foxborough family who suffered
6:41 pm
the quite literally sign of
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with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright. with simply right checking from santander bank. ? are you feeling alright, baby? ? >> fighting back against an accident that left him paralyzed.
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>> when steven tries to remember the moment that changed his life forever, all he sees is black. >> you don't realize how much you lose in a spinal cord or any accident for that matter. >> an accident during a vacation in new hampshire left him paralyzed. his spinal cord severed. he even woke up in the hospital to grim news. >> wanted to live, really, to be honest with you. >> it was tough. i didn't want to be a paraplegic. >> a sheet metal worker. his body is his tool. a tool now broken. >> but in the weeks he has made tremendous progress. his will to live pushing him to regain movement. >> i think it is the support group around me. spalding, family, friends,
6:46 pm
he's still worried about the future and that's when that support system stepped in. high above i-93 is steven's story and a link to a fundraising page. it is the same electronic billboard he used to drive by every day. >> i never imagined my name being on it. >> it allows steven to work even harder at his new job. >> i'm life and enjoy every day forward from here. >> fox 25 very best. >> special honor for the children of a fallen trooper. >> the chance to sit at the colonels seat right here. >> trooper was killed earlier this year when the car hit him during a traffic stop. it is great to see members of
6:47 pm
>> an air boy with special needs will soon be riding around on a new tricycle. a family friend set up a go fund me page to replace the trike. they plan to donate the extra money to charity. police are still trying to track down the thief. >> now you're local foreca wroblewski and the fox 25 tracker team. >> tropical storm earl picked up some winds in the past hour. it will produce heavy rain over a foot to 18 inches of rain is possible. that could lead to life-threatening landslides. something we'll have to continue
6:48 pm
into our area. we're going to be dealing with mostly dry conditions as we head through the week. there's one day and that's tomorrow the risk of showers and storms in our forecast. it is all because of this cold front that will be pushing eastward. warm and muggy air moving on in on south winds behind this area of high pressure. it is going to be scooting out of here. you'll start to notice increase of humidity. 83 in boston right now. 87 still in lauren. tonight it is not going to be as cool as it was last night. open up the windows and let that fresh air in. by the time you wake up, it is going to be in the 70s a bit muggy out there. clouds around a few breaks of sunshine, too. the more sunshine we see. the higher the threat of those storms. it could be strong to severe.
6:49 pm
the 80s, it could touch near 90. we'll watch for morning showers and then during the midday and afternoon, that's where we have the highest chance of seeing scattered thunderstorms and some of those could be severe. the chances will diminish once the sunsets. taking hour by hour. 8:00 on saturday morning. you're waking up to the temperatures in the 70s. a few scattered showers possible. hit or miss. by lunchtime, eye to the sky, especially to the west, that's where we'll start to see the storms develop. some could produce heavy rain, as well as frequent lightning. now as they move south and east, during your lunch hour, noticing by 2:00, pushing into the boston area. as well as approaching the providence region, this is where you want to keep an eye to the sky for the threat. if you hear rumbles of thunder,
6:50 pm
we'll see it continue towards the south coast as we head towards 4:00. some sunshine may still break out and that could allow for scattered showers to develop. i do think the threat does diminish once that sunsets have you before 8:00 and drier more humid air goes on in. improvement for our sunday. tomorrow we have the potential for severe weather, the main threat c lightning. as well as damaging winds. you want to have that fox 25 weather app with you. cooler for your sunday. the 7-day forecast, it is still above average. watch for scattered clouds to develop. could see a chance develop the further north you go. dry into monday and tuesday and looks to hold off into wednesday. the risk of showers return late in the week. over to you.
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>> as we know tom brady really lovers football. you know what i'm talking about, so to me, the burning question with brady is his suspension. four weeks without football while jimmy g. takes his place, brady will be like a caged animal. brady says, we're worry that later. >> i could have a plan and change the plan, i really don't know. i'll be rooting for us to win every game that i'm not in and certainly when i'm in, i hope we win every game, too. >> brady is larry bird like. brady's team and garapulo's team. brady was perfect. 25 of 25.
6:55 pm
next thursday night when the saints march into foxborough. >> how they compete at practice, how seriously they take it. guys aren't there killing each other. you push each other's buttons to make yourself and the team better. >> here is gronk with more on that. >> the competition level around here during practice is off the charts. it is up there. everyone competes every single day, that's what gets you better as a team. >> speaking of gronk, number 87 might as well have had a red jersey. gronk and jimmy g. ran a trick play. serious trash talk from the guy that picked that pass offer. probably not the best decision for double coverage.
6:56 pm
quarterback's hand -- you probably won't ever see him throw another ball here. >> he does not have a win yet, but he may have medical issues that were hidden when he traded for him. the mlb is reviewing the padres and how they may not have properly disclosed some medical information. the sox are not looking to the trade or get further compensation at this point. steven wright pitches tonight at 10:00 against the dodgers in l.a. >> keep it going. >> big win last night. took 11 innings, but we got ut there. we'll have the updated timeline
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